I'm a graphic designer and illustrator based in Spain. I am a versatile artist who works in the fields of scientific and historical illustration and also designs graphic elements and layouts for books, apps  and games. 
While much of my artwork is made using digital tools, I am very fond of traditional media and always have my sketchbook and watercolors ready to draw inspiration from everything that surrounds me.
My experience includes working along archaeologists and science communicators, and my illustrations have been used in textbooks, storybooks, research papers and documentary films.
2023   Group exhibition, 10th International Award Illustraciencia on Scientific and Nature Illustration, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid - Award Winner in the Scientific Illustration Category
2023   Group exhibition, 3rd Virtual Conference for Women Archaeologists and Paleontologists, online 
2022   Group exhibition, XI Latin American Congress of Paleontology, online
2021   Group exhibition, CON VID ARTE, Centro Cultural La Vidriera, Camargo
2020   Solo exhibition, La Vijanera, Centro Comercial Valle Real, Camargo
2024   Scarre, C., The Human Past: World Prehistory & the Development of Human Societies, Thames & Hudson
2023   Las paredes hablan, directed by Carlos Saura
2022   Manual de ilustración científica, GeoPlaneta
2021   Nowell, A., Growing Up in the Ice Age: Fossil and Archaeological Evidence of the Lived Lives of Plio-Pleistocene Children, Oxbow Books 
2019   Aversa, J., Your Light: A Musical Storybook
2016   Color your World!, STABILO International GmbH
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